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What Makes a Real Man

Big cars and macho gestures are no longer the trademarksof a real man. And maybe they never were. You can tell a real man by other qualities.


Style Is a Must

The secret to manliness is style. We don't mean fashion, but lifestyle. You may be surprised, but you only need a little to get there. Because the key to elevating your image are the little things - the accessories. They often have a bigger impact than you'd think.


Don a Quiff

Elvis Presley was well aware that an extravagant hairstyle will catch the eye. Unless you're a rock star, you might want to keep it more down to earth. Forget cutting your hair with a clipper at home in a poorly lit bathroom. You deserve better. Barber shops specialize in male customers and are on top of hair trends. You don't have to be a fan of fads, but a well-maintained, nice haircut is important to the overall impression.

What hairstyle
suits your face?

Oval face
Longer and
slicked back
Short with
a parting
Short on the sides
with a longer top
Short with
a textured fringe
Square face
Short buzz cut
Short on the sides
with longer top
Faux Mohawk
Short with a parting
and a slick fringe
Elongated face
Short with a parting
and a slick fringe
buzz cut
Short with
a textured fringe
Longer with a
side-swept fringe
Triangular face
Shorter with
a textured fringe
Longer with
a side-swept fringe
Short with
a parting and a slick fringe
Round face
Faux Mohawk
Short with
a textured fringe
Short on the sides
with longer top
Short on the sides
with a slicked-back fringe
Being Bald is No Tragedy
Hair gone? Try to rise above it. The fact that you have a bald head is just proof of the extra dose of testosterone coursing through your veins. Proudly display your head. Women go crazy for men like that!

Well-Groomed Beard to Show Off

Beards are popular again also thanks to the Movember movement. Men grow a moustache every November. That way, they've discovered that beards can do wonders with their faces. A moustache, goatee, stubble or full beard can change your facial expression and make you more interesting. Men with beards look more mature and masculine. And that's just what you want.

A Beard Can Have the Same Effect As Make-up
It Makes You Stand Out

A Gentleman with a Moustache
To wear a moustache you need confidence. Note that it mainly adorns the faces of celebrities. However, you might get a taste for it too. Take care of it like you take care of your hair. Get cosmetics designed specifically for moustaches. A comb, oil and a trimmer will be your best friends. They'll keep your moustache in shape and stop it looking like an old brush.
Stubble with no Trouble
Stubble on cheeks suit every man. But few realise that stubble also needs to be cared for. Include peeling in your beauty routine. This will prevent ingrown hairs which would look bad on your face.
The Longer the Better
Do you seek a manly look? Then a full beard is your best bet. But you need to take care of it properly so that you're not mistaken for a hermit. The line is very thin. A hairdresser or a barber can take care of your beard. For home care, get some shampoo, conditioner and wax. They'll keep your beard soft and the wax will help you shape it.
Clean Shaven
Are you tired of your beard or you can’t grow it? Never mind. Smooth cheeks are comfy and the only thing you need to worry about is a sharp razor. Besides, women will appreciate not having a scratched face.
Did you know that…
In ancient Egypt, beards were a symbol of prestige and social status?

Timing Your Wrists

Whether you have a beard or spend money on cologne, a stylish man can't do without a watch. It completes a man's personality and reveals a lot about you. Thus, you should banish the thought of getting a cheap plastic one. Save your smart watch for sports. For everyday wear and special occasions, reach for a good old classic. A quality wrist watch will elevate your style.

How to Choose the Right Watch?

PRIM Orlík

Consider what you expect

Are you the sporty type, do you like art or do you live for your work? Its your lifestyle that will determine the main features watch should have.
PRIM Diplomat

Trust traditional brands

Brands with a history and tradition know their craft and it shows in their products. A no-name watch will last you a week, while one from a traditional Czech workshop with a timeless design will last you a lifetime. Even your children can wear it one day.
PRIM Sport

What they are made of

The material used will affect the lifespan of the watch. For the case, choose stainless steel, titanium, bronze or precious metals. Match it with a strap made of quality leather or natural rubber. Sapphire crystal glass is the hardest and most resistant to damage. These are the materials you want on your wrist.
Výroba hodinek PRIM

Pay attention to details

Details reveal the most about a watch. They tell you if you're holding a toy or an investment. If you’re not confident, an experienced watchmaker can advise you.
PRIM Diplomat

Mechanical vs. quartz movement

A mechanical watch is an original that represent real artistry. It is wound manually or automatically by the movement of the hand. It lasts longer, stands out for its uniqueness and precision workmanship. Quartz movement powered by batteries is affordable and accurate. The watch will serve you well as a timepiece, but in terms of durability and originality, it doesn’t fare well.

A good watch helps you make an impression. Remember, a mobile phone in your pocket is not an accessory!


Time Is Money

They say that quality sells. And it's true. Everyone should have a quality watch. Not sure how to choose a reliable brand? The traditional Czech watchmaker ELTON has been tested by time. The history of PRIM wristwatches dates back to the 1950s. Since then, the company has been based in Nové Město nad Metují. Their skilful hands are responsible for the entire process of creating a PRIM watch – from the production of individual parts, to the final finish and to the assembly of the mechanical movement and its insertion in the case.

I want to know how it’s made
Did you know that…
ELTON Watchmakers is one of the few companies in the world that takes a traditional approach to watchmaking and manufactures its own mechanical movement? We have a lot to be proud of. Awaken the patriot inside you! Wear PRIM!
Miracles Are Born in the Manufactory

A PRIM watch represents precision, history and the Czech spirit. In Nové Město nad Metují they not only assemble exceptional watches, but also manufacture most of the components themselves. These include cases and miniature parts, which are then put together under a magnifying glass by experienced watchmakers.

Each piece is an original. Everything must fit perfectly. You can have your watch personalised and ELTON will decorate it with a monogram or a dedication. They will even design and produce your own dial design. In addition, you can choose the shape of the hands or the material of the watch case. Before the watch reaches you, it must pass a series of tests that take at least two weeks. This makes a PRIM watch a ticking perfection.

Czech history on the wrist